Bring our frontend developers onboard now!

We train Heroes. Carefully selected & well trained
frontend developers in Javascript, React & Angular.

Hire our Heroes with the option to take over the employment
no additional costs.

What is a Hero?


Heroes are studious, flexible and solution driven challengers. With their passion and fresh ideas they will have a positive contribution to any team. Above all they are focused at meeting your goals.


Heroes are talented junior frontend developers with the following set of skills:

● HTML5, CSS3 language
● Javascript ES9 / ECMAscript 2018
● ReactJS and Angular 8 framework
● Version control/Git


Heroes can be hired, but after a period of 12 months our clients can also take over the Hero at no additional cost.

How does it work?

Why choose a Hero?

Heroes DNA

Talents become Heroes only after passing through a strict selection process and the successful completion of our intensive training program.

Senior support

All Heroes can fall back on Senior support from PXL.Widgets. Every week they spar and discuss their challenges with Senior developers.

Fair rates

Heroes bring a lot of passion and experience with them, but will stay affordable.

Go for a win win

Do you need a temporary solution or at the end aiming for a fixed contract, we go for a win win situation.

Are you getting curious?


No, absolutely not. To succeed, you need a strong logical ability, the right background, and a strong personal motivation. In addition, you have to be a team player. That is why we have such a strict selection process with an technical test and personal assessments.

Our concept is to minimize the time that hiring managers and members of the development team need to spend on hiring a junior developer. During our training, our developers are drilled in agile methods and working methods so that from day one they become a productive member of a development team – they can be assigned a ticket, and deliver. Our in-house senior guys have managed to create agile pro’s with very good programming skills!

Absolutely, we always have a mutual notice period of one month.










For sure, we have different options we can offer and you choose what suits your business best.




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